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Primary Key Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide cost-effective software, web, mobile, database, and cloud development services for organizations of all sizes. We've done most everything and didn't complain at all. Nope, never complained one bit. A few examples: migrations to the cloud, websites using mobile-first and responsive design principles, one-page apps (AngularJS), custom API development, connecting services to APIs that would bring tears to the faces of most developers, system architecture, project management, WordPress hooks (i.e. actually writing PHP code for WordPress sites), volunteering for nonprofits, dog walking, and even providing therapy to organizations who have been hurt by their previous developers ("it'll be okay, it'll all be okay...").

We are proudly based in Portland, Oregon, USA. We are licensed to do business in Portland and we are incorporated in Oregon. Please note that we do not have an office in Mumbai nor are we affiated with any company there.

The bottom line is this: we write code. We love writing code. Let us write some code for you.


Full-stack Development
We can help you all the way from the planning to the launch stages with everything in between (e.g. front-end development, middleware and API development, back-end development, RESTful services, databases, coffee making). We can work in a lot of different languages but prefer Java, PHP, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript (Node.js included), and BruceLeroy.

Cloud Migrations
Is it time to put your dedicated servers out to pasture? We can help migrate your applications to a highly available, fault tolerant cloud platform. We have experience working in Amazon AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Project Management
If you feel like working with your distributed team is something like herding cats, we can help to keep your project moving forward. Also, sometimes it helps to have developers managing a project with developers to ensure that you are not getting a beautiful sportscar that is a great big mess under the hood. Darn it. Mixed the metaphors. Let's try that again. To ensure that you are not getting kittens from the developers that are YouTube-quality cute, but have rotting organs. Much better.

Resource Loading
Do you have a project with an upcoming launch date but one of your programmers needed some time to "find themselves?" We can provide you with some extra hands to get the project back on schedule. The fingers on our hands even bend! We've signed so many NDAs and non-competes, we have proven ourselves to be professional, reliable and, if necessary, discreet (e.g. you don't want anyone to know that you are subcontracting with us).

Technology Planning
If you have an idea that will change the world but need someone to help you to architect the system that will wow them chaps wearing the business suits (if it's not clear, we mean investors), then send us a message. If you want to finally execute your organization's strategic plan that includes an upgrade to your website or software, give us a holler. In both cases, we'll help you to design that system that is appropriate for your organization, and one that can scale as you grow.

Business Intelligence
Whether you already have terabytes of data or if you need help to create those systems to gather information on your customers, we can help you to turn your data into meaningful and useful information for your business decision making. We can also make all of those pretty charts on a dashboard that will impress the board members and maybe even your mother.

Our Own Stuff

Besides our work with fine folks like you, we also make some stuff.

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We do provide free estimates, so let's chat! No high pressure sales tactics from us (because frankly, we suck at it).

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