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Primary Key Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide cost-effective database, software, web, mobile, and cloud development services for organizations of all sizes and types. We've done most everything and didn't complain at all. Nope, never complained one bit.

We are proudly based in Portland, Oregon, USA. We are licensed to do business in Portland and we are incorporated in Oregon. Please note that we do not have an office in Mumbai nor are we affiated with any company there who may have a similar name.

The bottom line is this: we love data. We love writing code. Let us help you to grow your business with tools to make informed decisions.


Data Collection Systems
Those free analytics services are great, but you need to know more if you want to stay competitive. As you probably know, the biggest tech companies invest billions in the gathering of user information. They have their reasons. Why don't you?

Data Visualization
So you've collected your data, but how do you display it in meaningful ways? We can help you there with those charts that will impress those board members and maybe even your mother.

Business Intelligence
You have terabytes and terabytes of data but it's all one great big mess. Let us help you to make your information meaningful to help to guide your business direction. You'll look so smart!

Technology Planning
If you have an idea that will change the world but need someone to help you to architect the system that will wow them chaps wearing the business suits (if it's not clear, we mean investors), then send us a message. If you want to finally execute your organization's strategic plan that includes an upgrade to your website or software, give us a holler. In both cases, we'll help you to design that system that is appropriate for your organization, and one that can scale as you grow.

Our Own Stuff

Besides our work with fine folks like you, we also make some stuff.

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We do provide free estimates, so let's chat! No high pressure sales tactics from us (because frankly, we suck at it).

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